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4 Ways To Treat Treacher-Collins Syndrome

Treacher-Collins Syndrome is a hereditary condition that affects your baby's facial development before birth. It affects the muscles, skin, jaws and bones in your face. This syndrome is so rare that Treacher-Collins Syndrome only affects 1 in 50,000 people, according to Genetics Home Reference. It can also affect different areas of your face. Here are four procedures to consider for treating Treacher-Collins Syndrome.

Facial Plastic Surgery for Jaw

Underdeveloped jaw bones are common feature of Treacher-Collins Syndrome. This can cause a variety of problems. Children with this syndrome may have teeth and jaws that tend to grow in abnormal positions. It usually takes jaw surgery and braces to put your jaw and teeth in the correct position.

Children with Treacher-Collins Syndrome have a smaller nasal passage and smaller jaws. This can lead to breathing problems. A small jaw can also cause problems with feeding.

Corrective jaw surgery is often recommended towards the end of adolescence. It should not be done before the facial bones are finished growing. This surgery is very complex. It requires good communication between an experienced orthodontist and plastic surgeon to achieved desired results.


Treacher-Collins Syndrome can cause you to have breathing difficulties. If your baby has this syndrome, then you should have them evaluated as soon as possible. Getting enough oxygen to allow your baby to develop and grow is important.

A tracheostomy is one of the treatment options for airway problems. It is a surgical procedure that creates an opening in your neck. A small tube is placed inside of the hole to help your child with breathing.

Rebuild the Cheek Bones

Small cheekbones are a common characteristic of this syndrome. A common solution is to rebuild your child's cheek bones with bone grafts. This procedure is done at grade school age. If the cheek bones are still too small as your child approach teenage years, then you can add some more artificial cheek implants.

Palate Surgery

Most surgeons recommend you get your child's palate repaired while still a baby. It is recommended that you repair the palate as soon as possible to prevent speech problems later in childhood. In palate surgery, a variety of techniques are used to repair the palate. The type of surgery depends on the extent of your child's condition.

This condition can be hard on a family. It is important to know your child has options. If you are willing to explore the different treatment options and resources, then these resources can help with your child living a normal life.

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