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all about breast enlargement surgery

I have struggled with self-esteem for as long as I can remember. When I was in school, I was the girl that got picked on for not having the big breasts that the other girls had. As I grew older, I hoped that I wouldn't have the problem to deal with, but I just never developed. It was mind blowing because all of the women in my family are very well endowed in that area. The day I turned 21, I went to a cosmetic doctor for a consultation and learned all about my options for breast enlargement. This blog contains much of what I learned during my research before my surgery.


Tips For Getting Botox For The First Time

Botox has long been used to help ease the appearance of wrinkles. It can be injected into one's cheeks, between the eyebrows, and even in the forehead. Many dermatologists and cosmetic physicians offer Botox injections, so these professionals should not be hard to find. Here are some tips to follow as you prepare to get Botox for the first time.

1. Talk to your doctor about the results you want

Rather than just walking into your doctor's office and telling them you want Botox, try to be more specific about the results you want to achieve. Do you want your skin to look just a little more taut? Say so. Is there one specific wrinkle that you really can't stand? Point it out. Doctors have the ability to inject different amounts of Botox based on the results you want. They can also change the placement of the Botox depending on your desired results. So, the more specific you are in expressing your desires, the more likely you are to get the results you want.

2. Don't plan anything big for the next day

One of the big calling cards of Botox is that you can go right back to work after you have the injections. And indeed, you could. The pain is very minor and there's no major healing that needs to be done post-injection. However, if you can manage to take a day off or work from home the day after your Botox shots, that's probably more ideal. Your face might be a little puffy and pink for a day or so, and staying home gives this a chance to dissipate. Especially the first time you have Botox shots, it's nice to not have to worry about your coworkers asking about your puffy face.

3. Avoid alcohol before your procedure

Your doctor may give you a set of instructions to follow before Botox, but the most important of them is this: don't drink alcohol. Make sure you abstain for at least a day prior to the injections. A couple of days is even better. Alcohol thins out your blood and increases your risk of swelling and bruising following your Botox shots.

Getting Botox for the first time can be really exciting, and knowing what to expect definitely helps. Have a thorough conversation with your doctor, pay attention to preparation instructions, and plan some time off if you're able. Talk to a local botox service, such as Time 4 U Med Spa, to learn more. Good luck, and enjoy!